Has Taylor Swift Had Plastic Surgery?


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There is certainly speculation that Taylor Swift has had plastic surgery to increase the size of her breasts, but I'd have to say that it is unlikely that she has.

Has Taylor Swift had a boob-job?

Whenever rumors break out that a certain celebrity has had a boob-job, I'm always a little skeptical.

There are a number of glossy magazines that make a living out of 'inventing' stories about trendy celebs, just to grab some headlines.

As far as Taylor Swift goes, there are picture out there that do make it seem as if her boobs have fluctuated in size over the past couple of months, but who's to say this isn't just down to a good push-up bra or a bit of padding?

The idea that Taylor Swift, a country musician who's made a name of herself for her natural beauty, would go out and get a breast implant seems a little unbelievable to me.

Did Taylor Swift have plastic surgery?

Even the celebrity reporters can't decide what the answer is to this one.

On one hand, you've got E! Entertainment saying they've spoken to a 'close source' who has denied the rumors.

On the other, you have Hollywood Life printing quotes from Beverly Hills' plastic surgeons saying things like: "I think it’s pretty obvious that’s she’s had breast enhancement".

As far as I'm aware, there is no evidence to support the theory that Taylor Swift has gone under the knife.

Whether she succumbs to the pressure and goes down the same route as Dolly Parton, I guess only time will tell!
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No, she hasn't.

She is so very beautiful for me, but she changed her hair color to blonde.

I like her hair color and I like the style of her hair, I like her nose, lips, eyes, and my biggest dream is the eyebrow of Taylor Swift. I really, really, really love it!
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I know, right? It kinda looks like it- but no, she is just naturally beautiful!

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