Who Is Taylor Swift?


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Taylor Swift is a 20 year old female country singer . She also has acted in 1 movie called Valentines day. She has a great voice and I think a lot of people look up to her and love her . She has great passion and loves people and has an open heart. She is also very beautiful with a great career.
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Taylor swift is this fantastic and amazing country singer.
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Shes the newest and best and most popular country singer out there was dating taylor launter I think her music kind of has pop in it so shes not your usual banjo strummin country singer!! She is a singer/songwriter and is in the movie Valentine's day!!.... Shes pretty too
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Taylor swift is a country music singer that I think is really great if you like love songs
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Taylor is a country singer who moved to Nashville, and that is where she started her songs and fame
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Oh my god where have you been Taylor Swift is amazing and shes only 19 she like conquered the world with Love Story. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? :p xx
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I think that katesx has an attitude
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I think you shouldnt comment on sum1 you dont even know
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No taylor is going to be 21 , thats not a gud answer
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She is the girl who sings You Belong With Me, Fearless, Fifteen, Hey Stephen, ect. She is a famous star.
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Guys can you answer my question: What are the guitar chords to taylor swifts song "love story"?

     Ps I play guitar+D   ~ ps +D = alien face
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Taylor Swift is a country and a pop singer. four songs she is known for are white horse, fifteen, fearless, and you belong with me.
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Taylor swift is a country singer :D shes good go on you tube I no songs she made ill tell so you can search taylor swift   love story,  you belong with me, white horse OKAY those songs she made :D

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