Who do you like more, Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber?


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Skip,Skip,Skip....... That's just not a fair question because they are both douchebags!!!

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I don't like Beiber, or his music. As for  Taylor, she has a few good songs from her past albums, but her latest album sucks, not a single good song on it. i was very disappointed

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Willie B. good
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Skunks you need to stick with the Spice Girls and forget all about icky old Taylor Swift
Skunky Stinkerson
lol. im not really a fan of taylor, just a few of her songs, but the Spice Girls had a lot of fun bops such as- Stop, Who Do You think You Are, Lady Is A Vamp, Never Give Up On The good Times, Do It. other good Songs- Step To Me, Take Me Home (this song is slightly dark and mysterious), Walk Of Life, Baby Come Round.. Bumper to Bumper is a super cheesy song but i like it... Viva Forever is a beautifully composed song. Geri Halliwell was one of the main lyricist and moldy writers for their songs.
Skunky Stinkerson
OVer the years, some of the girls, and even Geri, admitted that she was the one who had the most input with the song writing. Besides the Beatles, The Spices were one of the few that wrote their own music.
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No either one!!

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I don't really listen to either one very much, but I've danced to some of their songs in my dance class and they work well for that. The singers themselves I don't really care about :P

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