List Some Famous Short Hollywood Male Actors And Other Public Figures?


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Danny Devito (5'0").

Ghengis Khan (5'1")

Yasser Arafat (died in 2004, 5'2").

Dudley Moore (5'2", plus a few mm tall, you know those millimetres are important or he wouldn't include them). Prince (the artist as formerly known is about the same height).

At 5'3", there's
Davy Jones, Paul Simon, Ariel Sharon (the occasional recent leader of Israel), Ronnie Corbett, King Hussein (of Jordan), Martin Scorsese.

Coming in at 5'4" tall: Michael J. Fox, Pablo Picasso and Rick Moranis (the guy who turned into a monstrous dog in Ghostbusters, also does a lot of character voices in recent kid films).

Standing around 5'5" there's Vladimir Lenin and James Cagney, Lou Reed.

These men stand (stood) around 5'6": Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, TE Lawrence (of Arabia), Horatio Nelson, Joseph Stalin.

At 5'7" (ish): Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, Emilio Estevez.

The average British man stands about about 5'9". The average height has been falling in recent years, due mostly to the aging population. People shrink an inch or so in their last 30 years.
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Robert patterson
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Mmm lets see...the boring old Brad Pitt n Ang with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
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Jennifer Garner and Brad Pitt
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Most actors and actresses are retired and are living life to the full relaxing on the money that they can live the rest of their lives on then pass down to grandkids.
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"The average height has been falling in recent years, due mostly to the aging population. People shrink an inch or so in their last 30 years."

Or people started writing more truth in questionnaires. And scientists change answers (minus 5cm), because they know people lie).

Average it doesn't mean most
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170 cm or 5'7'' is NOT short, it's average, at least where I come from. Hollywood only prefers tall people.

Actors I know to be 5'5'' or less are:
Tom Hollander
Seth Green
Mickey Rooney
David Faustino
Danny De Vito
Jason Marsden

Anyone knows more?
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Depends on what actors or actresses you are referring to. Anyhow, since you have not specified any one in particular, I shall take the liberty to inform you about one past celebrity's current profiles and whereabouts.

Let's start with the actress, who played the lead role in the famous eighties dance flick, Dirty Dancing, namely Jennifer Grey. Grey landed roles in a couple of movie before and after Dirty Dancing, but could not attain the same height of fame or success. The reason for this according to many is her nose job after the movie which although improved her looks, did the complete opposite to her career as people could not recognise her. She currently appears in several US TV movies and has also done the odd sitcoms, and is married to small time actor Clark Gregg, with whom she had a daughter, Stella.
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I think actresses are all around the world because they shoot movies everywhere and do what they got to do to earn that moola
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In Hollywood, Alan Ladd, Tom Cruise, Dudley Moore, Robin Williams, ; Public figures, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Ghandi, are a few.
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Mickey rooney,davy jones,dustin hoffman,li'l kim,billy barty,gary coleman,emmanuel lewis,all of the three stooges,mae(voice of olive oyl)questel,and jon provost to name just a few.
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All of you befkuf. You don't 9 that SHAHRUKH KHAN from india is the most famous actor in the world.according to a survey he recogniged by 350 crores person by voice or by name or by face in the world
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Visit to find out who is the most famous actor in the world right now. Celebrityweeklyblog says it is Jamie Foxx, Matt Damon, George Clunie
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Actually Steven Segal stands at 6'4" tall and he in also pretty handsome and very skilled as a martial artist, so he has an advantage.

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