What's the real name of teen model Nastia Mouse?


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The real name of Nastia Mouse does not appear to be available on the Internet. This could be for two reasons. One might be that the company that represents the girl might simply be unable to provide the real name, or could be trying to hide the real name for legal reasons. After all, Nastia Mouse is a minor and is not old enough to be represented normally. Instead, the company has to take specific courses of action to ensure that all laws are abided and that she is only portrayed in a respectable and appropriate way for a girl of her age.

The other reason many be that it could be her real name. An odd name of course, but you never know, this may be her real name after all.

  • A little more information

Nastia Mouse is a really famous Russian model. She is under age, meaning that the photographs she is involved in are not pornographic and are not inappropriate, but are instead more focused around suggestive poses and her clothes. She is one of many young Russian girls who are involved with this trade. Not only does she model clothes lines, but she also proves popular with men. It's a risky business, but it's perfectly legal and the Russians seem to love it.

  • The legal aspects of Nastia Mouse's name being in the public domain

Given the legalities concerning the matter, there is a legal notice on the Internet. The legal notice states that because Nastia Mouse is technically a minor, the legal notice needs to explain that all of the photos on the website are completely non nude and they all abide by United States International Law. You should read the legal notice before you get involved with the website. Given that the site is abiding by US International Law, if you want to sign up then it's perfectly within your right to do so.

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