What Is The Real Name Of Carl Gallagher Off Shameless?


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Two different actors have played Carl Gallagher, in the British comedy TV programme Shameless, about a large family living on a council estate in Manchester.

One child playing Carl Gallagher was Luke Tittensor (yes, that's his real surname!). He only appeared in the first series of Shameless.

The current Carl Gallagher is played exclusively by Elliot Tittensor. The similarity of the names is a bit of a give-away, and will placate your confusion if you don't remember a different boy playing Carl; Luke and Elliot are identical twins. TV shows often do this with child/teen roles, it means that if one child is ill or just not in the mood, the other can step in. And it's not too demanding on just one teen to carry the role and do their studies and have a life.

Luke has now got a role on Emmerdale, instead.

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