What Is The Real Name Of Gigi Spice?


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According to most internet sources, Gigi Spice's real name is Carolina Alvarez.

She even has a Twitter account under this name (where she describes herself as the 'Latin girl next door who does it all!').

However, there's also a chance that Carolina Alvarez is yet another pseudonym.

Who is Gigi Spice? I was fascinated by the real identity of Gigi Spice, and therefore did a little detective work. Unfortunately, not much is known about this adult actress, who recently turned 19.

However, if you believe the biography posted on, then Gigi Spice is a pseudonym for the porn star Carolina Alvarez  - who originates from Medellín, Columbia and claims to enjoy shopping, dancing, modeling, and having sex in public places.

Is Gigi Spice really Carolina Alvarez?
Before you start looking Carolina Alvarez up in the Yellow Pages, though, it's worth considering that this name might be yet another pseudonym.

Porn-stars are notoriously secretive about their true identity, and many of them use a number of different aliases to stay ahead of the game.

In fact, screen names are so popular in the adult industry that a website called PornWikiLeaks managed to cause mayhem in the porn-world by threatening to release the real names of over 12,000 actors and actresses.

If you're interested, you can read more about that scandal right here.

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