Which Of These WWE Divas Do You Want To See Naked: Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Or Gail Kim?


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Robin Burden Profile
Robin Burden answered
I'm a big fan of WWE, and of the divas in particular.

In all honesty, I wouldn't mind seeing any of these female wrestlers naked - although the chances of that happening are slimmer than Nicole Richie going on the Atkins diet!

Choosing between Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool and Gail Kim is very difficult - but I'd probably have to go for Kelly Kelly.

Which WWE diva would you want to see naked?
Although all three divas are physically-stunning, both Michelle McCool and Gail Kim seem a little bit stuck-up.

Kelly Kelly looks like the only one you could hang out with, and genuinely have some fun. She also looks like the kind of girl I wouldn't mind bringing home to my mum.

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't mind spending some time getting to know any of these beauties in person, but there's something about Kelly Kelly's face that just makes me instinctively warm to her.

She looks like she would be good fun to go for a beer with, and she also has a bit more charisma than the other two.
Dennis Jones Profile
Dennis Jones answered
Why choose? I pick all three and preferably in my bed when they are 'sans clothes'.

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