What Are The Latest Reggae Riddims?


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Here are some of the Reggae Riddims from 2006. Only the names of the riddims are mentioned but with the year, name and genre the artist name is not too hard to find. Riddims include "Bill Back", "Stick it uo", "Hot wuk", "Top Class Bullet", "Ridin' Dirty", "Power cut", "Quick draw", "Battle field", "Sidewalk University", "Ghetto Whisky", "Dem time deh", "Inspector", "Wipe out", "High Altitude", "Smash", "Sweat", "Gangsta Rock", "Stage show", "Gully Slime", "Baddis Ting", "World Cup", "Cashley", "Bulletproof Vest", "Limbo", "Full Draw", "Cross Breed", "Redbull & Guinness", "Higher Octane", "Eighty Five", "Bill Back" etc.

Different riddims include Applause, Doctor's darling, Bookshelf, Dem time Deh, Buy Out, The Flip, Global, Full Draw, High Altitude, Higher Octane, Gully Smile, Lion Paw, Kopa, Old Truck, My Baby, Sata, Stepz, Lot of Signs and Unchained.
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@ Jessica423   that song is "No Games" by Serani. Well I believe thats the one you're talking about

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