What are the most popular online movie rental and download sites?


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Movies are the main source
of entertainment for a majority of people. Movies are made in such a way that
you cant resist the temptation of watching it. I still remember the old times,
when people used to wait for the weekends and go to the movie theaters to watch

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From my point of view none of them. Why pay all that money to rent it one time when you can buy a dvd,vhs and watch it over and over again or let others watch them. I go to buybacks and buy ten dvd's for 15 dollars when I find ten I like. Then I have a library of dvd's and tapes to watch.well not tapes anymore because I donated all of mine to the volunteer's of america .a dvd/vhs combo machine is only 30-40 dollars and I can watch them whenever I feel like it without making someone else rich by paying over and over again to watch what should be free after the movie is so many years old.sorry let's put it this way I have not went to a movie or rented a dvd/movie since the internet and buybacks started selling used movies.
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I would say Netflix. It goes anywhere. Wii, computers, in the mail, even through the Apple TV.

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