Can someone tell me some really good jokes i could really crack up right now?


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Bruno Mars threw a Grenade at Usher. Usher got mad and said oh my god! Then Taio Cruz threw a stick of dynamite into earth and said AYO! The word blew up! So then Rihanna was the Only Girl In The World. Then Katy Perry threw a Firework to earth and it hit Rihanna in the head so she lost her memory and forgot her name so she started singing "oh na na what's my name" until Nelly woke up and said it was Just a dream
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A man walks into a library hoping to borrow a book. He says to the receptionist" can I please borrow a book on suicide"
the receptionist says"no".  'why' asks the man.
Receptionist" you  wont bring it back.
A man gets drunk at a pub with his friend and he says to his friend let me go and show you my house. They arrive at the house,he shows his friend the kitchen,the lounge,the dining room ,  he gets to the main bedroom and he finds his wife making out with another guy and he says,"this is the main bedroom,thats my wife and the one she's with ,thats me.
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A cop pulled me over
I asked him why
he told we it was for driving with two guns and a six pack (pun)
I then asked him for a band aid since I was cute
but he offered me tape because I was ripped (pun)
I have more, but those were the best that came to mind

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