Why is Donald Trump such a joke? Tell me. I really, really wanna know.


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because he is so full of himself and he brags about himself.

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I am no expert on behavioural issues .. But, it is well understood that our behaviour is dictated by our character. 

In Mr Trumps case .. Personally, I believe his behaviour is classicly narcissistic in nature.  Although he has read speeches written by his speech writers in an attempt to illude the public into thinking he is an upstanding person and potential leader .. He seems to often get off the guided path and in fact shows his own true colours. He simply can't seem to help it .. BECAUSE he is so badly emotionally disciplined.  He gets off on a tirade and it doesn't do him any favours. If anything it only shows how unstable he is.

He flings poo at Hillary using derogatory remarks about her trusthworthyness, yet he himself is also guilty of the same dastardly things he claims SHE is guilty of.  It's kind of the pot calling the kettle black kind of thing.

This whole election campaign has been a train wreck.  I am baffled that there is so much concentration on either of these candidates and silence in terms of the other two candidates.  We never seem to hear much from them at all. 

Trump, in particular, scares me the most .. anyone who openly supports violence against minorities, claims he "knows more about ISIS  than the Generals do", or who thinks the answer to unrest in other countries is to "bomb the $&@! outta them"  .. this guy has no limitation to how stupid he can sound. That is an obtusely dangerous quality for a leader to possess . period. 

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To me, a joke is usually a fictional description of a reality with a twist that we can all laugh at.

I am left to conclude that Trump fits this definition---unfortunately, he just doesn't get it.

Is he a little like "Hitler?"---I'd say so; but I find him to be more like Caligula---mentally bent, with no boundaries.

Please don't elect him and give him the power that Caligula had.

(One description of Caligula---"One of history‚Äôs most iconic bad guys, Caligula ruled Rome for just four years but exhibited enough cruelty and lunacy during his brief reign to live in infamy.") 

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because he's the first orange president ever elected

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