What is the best song I can listen to after being dumped that will get me in a good mood?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

This one will make you feel better !

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John Doe
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Yes, you can also put in links! You're welcome! :)
John Doe
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@Jaimie, you can also "edit" your answer, no time limit....lol!
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Lol awesome !! Sometimes on ask I read my q's the next day and wish !! Edit !! My filter takes about 24 hours kick in ;) once the grapes have worn off :p
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Go on youtube and type in hanamaru sensation. Give it a chance even if you hate anime, its very up beat and listening to it will make you smile.
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Cee Lo Green~F you.
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All of these songs are by the band Superchick:
(They get you into a really good mood and they aren't "bad" if you know what I mean.)

So Beautiful
Stories (Down to the Bottom)
Hey, Hey
What I Got
Rock What You Got
Stand In The Rain
Get Up (Heelside Mix)
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My Darkest Days perfect is a really good one

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Well, it happens, roll with it. Any song can make you better :)
I love <can't remember to forget you> and actually I'm listening right now! Hope you be fine right now~

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