What Is Wrong With A Guy Listening To Justin Bieber's Music? If You Listen To Justin Bieber, You Are Automatically Thought To Be Gay. Why Is That?


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There is nothing wrong about listening to Justin Bieber's music and this certainly does not make you gay. Being a gay man means you find other men sexually attractive, it doesn't mean you listen to music intended for a female audience.

Target Audience

Justin Bieber's target audience is teenage girls, which is reflected in his song's lyrical content and his entire image. Most of his songs are targeted at girls, so when girls listen to one of his songs they believe he may be singing to them. However when a guy listens to Justin Bieber it doesn't necessarily mean they are imagining Justin singing to them - in contrast, you will most probably put yourself in Justin's shoes and believe you are singing the song to a girl. Or you may just like the music for its catchy melodies and sing-a-long choruses.


Justin Bieber's image and brand is intended for young girls. His clean, cheeky and cute image along with his high pitched voice has been constructed by his record label for the sole purpose of selling records. This is the same purpose of his music, which is not based on artistic merit but is instead designed to shift records. Just because you listen to his music does not mean you find Justin himself attractive, it just means you like the manufactured pop music that the singer and his record label churn out.

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Well you know how it is "Justin Bieber ew he's a little boy" or "guys who listen to other young teenage singers are so gay" and you know how if a guy listens to a boyband....he's defo gay in peoples eyes then! But we all know that's not the case! If you like Justin Bieber's music, then you listen to it! IT'S NOT GAY! People THINK IT'S GAY but it's not. That's just their silly judgement. So what if I listen to a girl am Iesbian then? I'm sorry but if people don't like what music you listen to then they must be really petty cause I'm pretty sure there are worse things done by people in this world. Since when did LISTENING TO YOUR FAVOURITE ARTIST become a crime? I say, if you like an artist listen to them and don't care what others think. People are always going to say things and give their opinions but you just say "That's just your opinion and guess what? Nobody cares". Shut them up, let them know that it's a free world you and others can listen to whatever music you want! I don't think it's Gay when a guy listens to Justin Bieber, you just like his tunes. Doesn't mean you or any other guy fancies him (I don't actually mean you I'm just using yourself as an example).
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There is nothing wrong with listening to Justin bieber music and no that doesn't make you gay.
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Listening to Justin Bieber doesn't mean you are gay, it just means you have no taste in music. :)

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Early in his career he literally sounded like a 6 year old girl, and I guess people still really hate him for that. It's not even his fault, though. And I'm guessing Justin Bieber's music is mainly targeted towards tween/teenage girls, so if guys listen to "little girl music", then they could be labeled as gay.

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