Why Do People Call Justin Bieber Gay?!?!?!? HE IS AWESOME!


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Brandon Lee Profile
Brandon Lee answered
I'm a guy, and No I am not gay. I personally only like 2 of his songs, though I havent heard all of them. He isn't gay. And the one time I talked to him in person, he was cool and nice.
Eleanor jones Profile
Eleanor jones answered
Awesome! Hes a young man jumping on the celeb bandwagon ( I can't say I blame him) because young girls will make him rich by making him famous. He is nothing special so don't treat him like a God. He is not. He is an ordinaryyouth!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Are you saying gay isn't awesome?!?!!?
Dominique Pezzeca Profile
Apparently they are jealous that he can sing n they can't and he can get girls and they can't and they ain't got no money like he does. They are just low lives that don't have anything better to do with it.
Michael Profile
Michael answered
He's a bad singer. Sure, to some people he's hot. But that doesn't need to make him a celebrity.

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