Is JUSTIN BIEBER gay my brother and sisters say he is and thay fond something on youtube and justin was saying he was gay now i don't no what to do i really love justin bieber i love his songs and all but i don't like him if he is gay IS HE?


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hayley griffith- kuiper Profile
Why would he be gay if he IS  dating selena gomez! Now tell your bro's to be quiet my freinds and everyone said that just be a bieber fan and ignore ppl who like to pspread rumors
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Reneisse answered
Hahaha that's hilarious. I never once thought that even before I realised I was totally wrong about Justin Bieber . Justin bieber is a full on christian and justin bieber is dating selena. Justin bieber is not gay. I think your brother and sisters are having fun with you. :P Go tell them that there's footage of justin bieber saying that he's a christian because there is.

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