Why Do People Feel It Is Gay That I'm A Guy And I Like Justin Bieber's Music? Why Can't A Guy Like It?


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People who say this sort of thing will probably justify themselves by citing the singer's target audience as an example. Typically Justin Bieber's songs are written as if the singer is performing his songs to a girl, and young teenage girls are also the main target audience for his music. The term "gay" means you are sexually attracted to men, it doesn't mean you listen to music intended for girls.


Any artist's lyrics can be perceived in a way that suits the listener. Just because you listen to Justin Bieber doesn't mean you are imagining him performing his songs to you. Instead it is totally normal to put ourselves in the singers shoes when we're listening to music. In this case you believe you are singing the song to a girl, not that Justin is singing the song to you.


Justin Bieber's image is designed to be appealing to girls. He is a manufactured popstar who's only ambition is to sell records. Image plays a big role in this. Bieber's clean and cute image perfectly reflects the messages in his lyrics, and all of this is designed to appeal to a female audience.

Is Justin Bieber gay?

People may also call you "gay" for listening to Justin Bieber because some people think the singer is a homosexual. Again there is absolutely no evidence for this accusation, and in fact the singer actually has a girlfriend. If a guy listens to any singer who is very popular with women then ignorant people may call the guy gay. This has happened numerous times throughout music history with artists such as George Michael, Madonna and Kylie Minogue.
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Well first you are not gay and they are wrong people can like who ever they want and so don't let other people make you change your mind you have ore own likes hobbies and music artist  and stuff every ones different and all ways keep in charge of who you are and don't let people destroy you because you like a boy singer
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It's all about preception really -same reason if a guy likes the Pet Shop Boys, Erasure or George Michael, they're automatically deemed to be gay.One of the immature times when someone focusses on a person's private life, instead of the quality of their music.

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