Is Justin Bieber Gay Or Bi Sexual?


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Wow he's neither, he is completely straight! And does not dress like a girl.!
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Nooo one knows. He hasnt told any one yet. Everybody said he said he was bi on the radio but if I havent heard it myself then I can't beileve them...if jb doesnt want to release to the public that he is bi than he doesnt have to.
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Hey people out there that are Justin Bieber is bi or gay, he"s not! I have a book all about him and he says that he only likes girls so there you have it not gay or bi he's niether  
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2 be honest it don't matter if hes gay or bi or straight seriously just think it aint going to affect his appearence,looks or his great singing and also people who don't like him stop makeing up rumers it don't really matter who thinks what he is the only one who will no! Just leave him alone he has never done anything to harm you!...
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He is not idc about what you other ld say but untill some1 can prove it I don't belive at all so NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT GAY OR BI !
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He is probably a very happy young man.
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No he is nooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He actually could be. He hasnt really said anything to the public. Just because all of his songz are about falling in love with girls doesnt mean hes straight. Sooo he might be bi.
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Justin beiber is not gay at all he is sexy and gorgeous all you other people that think that he is gay are losers and are jealous of him because he is perfect he is perfectly straight so yeah and people keep saying justin beiber was release ing that to anyone any public thing at all ....
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