Where Can You Watch 'Catscratch' Episodes Online?


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Unfortunately, it is illegal to watch television programs such as Catscratch online in this way. If you wish to watch this program, then you can purchase episodes of the program on DVD!

Catscratch is an animated television series that was created in the United States and was first aired on television in 2005.

It is the creation of Doug TenNapel, and is based on his graphic novel Gear.

The first DVD of the series appeared on February 7th 2006.

  • The series is based around three cat brothers who inherit a large sum of money after their wealthy owner dies.
  • The cats have a pampered lifestyle and some interesting experiences, which are documented in the program.
  • The three cat brothers are Mr Blik (Wayne Knight), Waffle (Kevin McDonald), and Gordon Quid (Rob Paulsen).
  • The program has been broadcast in many countries including: USA, UK and Ireland, Germany, Pakistan, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia.

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