Why do so many people hate Adrienne Armstrong?


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Probably they're all Green Day fans who are jealous she's married to Billie Joe lol.
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Grow up idiot - Adrienne is way cool than you could ever be.Deal with it & move on.
Elizabeth MacConnachie
ha ha - she is one of the most attention-seeking delusional fame-hungry bitches out there. She runs a twitter to brag about being with Billie and to interact with his fans. She does run the twittet for any other reason accept getting attention and also she is an manipulative bitch as if she did the offical celebrity stuff properly, everyone will see for what what she is and what she actually wants and loves - the limelight. She thinks she is a celebrity already too. She is using her entire family for attention and is smug her manipulation is working. Shes a whore and played two guys off against each other and plumped for the Billie with the record deal. She likes the name and status. She is playing everyone and is ovbiously very very good at it. It a pity I can see her for what she is.
Elizabeth MacConnachie
She needs to stop using him to get famous off the back of his career and do something productive with her own life - like getting a job?
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Unfortuately, I think it is because she seems quite a dislikable person who always seems to give a really bad impression.  Many people dislike people who seems to want to be pointless celebrities and they resent her.  There are people who are "just jealous" but it is actually the people who suck-up to her that are to try and impress Billie and make out they havent got a problem when they secretly do.  He is so subjective to fans so there is a competition between fans of who can get the most nicest comments and attention back - part of this is to suck-up to his missus.  She cames across as full of herself, belly-aching, arrogant, delusional and attention-seeking, sometimes very smug, quite unrealistic and wasted.  She also cames across as fame-hungry and people do not like the way she seems to always threaten divorce to him.  Some people say that she is really rude to the female fans of Green Day and call her the "Yoko Ono of Green Day" due to the impression she gives that she seem to want to be a pointless celebrity and all the campaigning she does.  Personally, I did not have a problem with her and felt she was the right person for Billie Joe (because I am not good enough and I am not Punk) because she was a fellow punk until I heard many stories of her being rude and nasty to random fans of a certain age.  I have always used "if true" because rumours are sometimes fabricated.  Personally, I think (although Billie wants her there with him) she should just keep her head down and not be seen at public events like album signings (because the fans will resent it) and concerts and not go anywhere near his fans but always be gracious if they came up to her.  She should just accept that people are just going to hate her for whatever reason.  But, personally she brings it on herself.  Bon Jovis' wife is not hated because she doesnt annoy people and just gets on with her own life and career.  Adrienne really annoys people and she doesnt seem to work hard at her so-called eco-businesses and projects and passes the buck to her (well-chosen) business partners  to skip about at album signings, concerts and to "get on with her own life".  When she says and is quoted as saying things like this "Yeah, I'm brillant" and lecturing you on the environment and then smirking down the lens; and quoted as "busy helping to promote Green Days' new album" and "while I am not tour...."   it just sounds daft and a little narcussistic - a little delusion of grandour quite frankly. She has also seemed to have pushed theirs sons into the limelight so much !  Billie Joe does not help manners by blabbing about her all the time.  They should keep their domestics to theirselves.  Many ex-fans are also annoyed that since she cames across as doing nothing and that he had to bulid a new home "closer to their kids school" they are raging....Personally I want to know the truth but she doesnt help herself and mostly it is actually not to do with jealously - people just do not like her.  The ones that suck-up are and trying to cover it up.  I remember when I was a teen - I used to do the same thing.  The "your just jealous" is said and write by people who are.  It actually has nothing to do with jealously and if she thinks it is (that is narcussistic) and if people think it is then they are stupidly infatuated with Billie Joe.  Has anyone ever thought that she is just quite a dislikable person???? People can like or dislike who they like without being accused of being jealous and anyway she is not part of the band and is not directly involved with Green Day writing and composing process.  In the UK, she is not a celebrity and so why the hell are we expected to pander to her at the end of the day?
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PS: Dont rip me to shreds just because i am answering the question it is what people think and it is not my fault.
Elizabeth MacConnachie
She is also a drunkard and takes prescription pills, tweets about popping them and then deletes the tweet to cover up her behaviour. I think shes is a junkie.
Elizabeth MacConnachie
She is an attention-seeking user who uses her husband for fame. I cannot stand her and I cannot stand to watch him being used to get attention. She needs her head split open. I have no idea why people give her the time of day. She has done nothing to deserve attention - she didnt even drag Billie into rehab. It was his manager. I have no idea how anyone can respect her. She is not part of Green Day and she shouldnt be allowed to interfere.
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In a nutshell she is a fame-hungry attention-seeking desperate celebrity wannabe who thinks she is famous and part of Green Day and is allowed to interfere and control Green Day and Billie Joes career.  And she goes out into the crowds at concerts because she thinks people have come to see her as there is enough sychophants to fuel her narcissistic delusion.  Also she is smug bragger who runs a twitter page to brag about being married to billie and to interact with Green Day fans.  Also she didnt help him with his addictions and tweeted about xanax and then went through her account deleting them.  She uses Billie Joe for fame and attention and publicity.  Its not about jealousy,  She is a fame-hungry user  who enjoys the limelight and the benefits of being married to him.  She is an attention-seeking, fame-hungry, narcissistic smug b**tch who thinks she is a celebrity.  She is desperate for the limelight and is highly manipulative as she will never get signed to an agent because then, everyone will see her for what she is - an smug, attention-seeking, fame-hungry, using peice of sh*t who is in love with herself, using her husband for attention and the limelight.   Also I have no idea why fans say "she is the reason for whom he is and who you like today" - really??? How is that the case and anyway he is a nasty narcissistic phoney serial cheat hence the nickname "Billie Ho".  

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