Okay, here is a good question i thought i would never be asking. How many of justin beibers screaming fans are actually bought and paid for to hype up his shows? Does he pay to have a crowd appear everywhere he goes. : )


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Probably not.. Too many screaming girls and boys in the crowd so they make their parents pay to see his concerts.
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This is a theory that has been bouncing around since the early 90s and the era of the "boy band" and the reckoning that to bolster an artiste's profile or standing ( particularly if they've been off the radar or have no new music to promote ), these professional fans are hired to make them look good.It supposedly includes autograph sessions, concerts and public appearances to make the artiste look better than they maybe are.One infamous PR stunt was hiring such fans to go around stores and bulk buy their new record to make it look as if it was a big seller with the public.
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Now this is a story i would like them to show being investigated on sixty minutes or twenty twenty.

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