Do All Digital Radios Hum Or Is It Just Mine?


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Economy digital audio broadcast (DAB) radios have a particular drawback; they audibly 'hum' when plugged into the mains but turned off, or if the volume is turned up very loud. This is because of the quality of the circuitry inside. The technology to receive DAB and show the information that gets sent with it is still new. The number of DAB rdios being sold is only just starting to outstrip the sales of conventional/analogue radios. So the cost per unit (radio) is relatively high, because the economy of scale (how many sales are made) means small total profits, and the manufacturers are still recouping their money from investing in this new technology. As a result, the only way to make DAB radios affordable (they still cost a minimum of �50 in most cases) is to economise on parts, especially the circuits inside. The small amount of electricity that gets through the power cord even when the radio is turned off is what you hear as a hum.

My radio can be turned off at the wall to eliminate the hum. The radio still retains its programme settings, so there's no reason not to.

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