How Do I Stop My Obsession With Somebody Famous?


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Well, an obsession in ones life is usually caused by a lack of something somewhere else. In other words, the obsession fills the gap where something else in your life should be. Whether that is a job, a significant relationship, the past relationship with your parents, whatever it is, there is something missing. People with fully rounded existences do not get obsessed, they don't have time and they don't need to.

Rid your life of everything related to this person. Take down the posters, remove the collectables, stop watching the films, listening to the music or whatever you are doing to reinforce the obsession. Next, look at your life, take it all in, what are you lacking? Are you unhappy in your job, your love life, your health, your sexual lifestyle, something needs working on, because you have developed this obsession as a way of fixating on something to avoid something else.
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What do I do now that I don't have him in mind?
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The answer above is so true. I have an obsession with a rock star I won't name. But I'm obsessed with the young him and the old him. It will be hard to not listen and look. Even harder to face up to what is missing in my life (I already know my list will be a long one). I hope I have the courage to do it. Best wishes to you too Denise only.
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I think you may consult a good psychologist or you need a good councillor to whom you can talk freely and tell him or her about your doubts, your fears and your obsessions. Here we can give you some suggestions but we don't know exactly what the problem is. What happened to you and the result was that you get confused.

Try to get away from these things which related to that person. Find a good friend. Change your hobbies your interest. Try to make yourself busy, don't allow your self to sit free of mind. The best way is to join some intuition or academy related to arts, music, fashion or any thing of your choice. You can also do some social work because in this way you can solve the problems of other and stay away of your own. Never sit alone.

Do not avoid realities, face them they will help you a lot to get rid of it. Go with determination because you have to live in this world with confidence. Build commanding attributes in yourself and on your emotions. Learn to take hold on your thoughts, on your emotions. Hopefully you will be able to get rid of it.
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Get obsessed with somebody else

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