Why Do Regular People Have Such An Obsession With Celebrities And Their Lifestyles?


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Psychologists suggest that the ever-increasing public fascination with the "celebrity" lifestyle is caused by a combination of factors.    Firstly, the media in the UK viciously fuel this obsessional behaviour by constantly following the whereabouts and activities of so-called "celebrities". Paparazzi photograpgers are paid ludicrous amounts of money for snapping famous faces and consequently hunt celebrities like prey on a daily basis. The more unflattering or risque the picture, the higher the price tag it claims.    The result of all this mercenary stalking? The likes of Heat, Now!, First and  Closer to name a few. These cheap, mass-produced publications are full of supposedly "revealing" photos together with often derogatory statements printed around them - such as "too thin" or "piling on the pounds". Have a read through these magazines at your peril, as you'll find most of what your 1 pays for is widely a dull fixation with image/weight/fashion style.    The general public find this reading material fascinating, apparently. The psychologists go on to connect our ever-increasing appetite to be super-human and super-perfect with this interest. With a healthy celebrity bank balance, flowing into the millions, it is easy to turn oneself into a perfect being. Look at Victoria Beckham - or should I call her Posh? This regular girl from Essex became a pop star in the late 90's and went on to become one of the most (stalked) and photographed women in history. Her relationship with the handsome footballer David Beckham fascinates the media, with alleged affairs and children popping out now and then to keep the tabloid stories topped up. VB is a successful, rich and attractive woman - transformed by an army of beauty consultants and fashion stylists to appear quite stunningly glamourous and perfect. The normal Norma's in the world pick up a magazine and look at VB in her Cavalli dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, wishing quite naturally that they had such a wonderful lifestyle.    As a final point to note, it must be observed that the British public are widely obsessed furthermore with "celebrity status" as it has now become achievable through reality shows such as Big Brother. Although the celebrity may only last a few months, this quick route to fame is extremely appealing to many people - either because their lives are perceived as dull or because they clearly have no realisitc goals - the celebrity tag is fast becoming a cheap and undignified association for anyone worth their salt.

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