Who Was Gary Lee Davis?


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Gary Lee Davis was born on the 13th of August in the year 1944 in Wichita, Kansas in the United States of America. He was basically a murderer and a rapist who was convicted and was then executed for his crime. He was the first person since the year 1960 to be awarded the death penalty in Colorado. He was raised by his mother and was subjected to sexual abuse by his older brothers. He left school in the ninth grade and the later joined the United States Marine Corps. He then after being discharged did a series of jobs.

He had a history of predatory sexual behaviour. Later while in custody he confessed of raping at least fifteen women. On the 21st of July in the year 1996 David along with an accomplice Fincham, kidnapped Virginia May who was their neighbour in front of her children. They put her in the car and then drove far off to a deserted filed where Davis first raped May and then shot her brutally fourteen times. He was arrested in a short while and was charged with murder and rape. During his trial Davis confessed to killing and raping May in spite of the advice of his lawyer not to. He was sentenced to death exactly on year after the murder on the 21st of July in the year 1987. The jury took a total of three hours to reach this decision and to find him guilty. He was executed on the 13th of October in the year 1997.
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Gary Lee Davis (1944 - 13 October 1997) was a convicted murder and rapist who was executed by the U.S. state of Colorado in 1997. He is the first person to have been subject to the death penalty in Colorado since the 1960s.
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Gary Lee Davis was born in the year 1994 and his exact date of  birth has not been given. He was a proved murder and a rapist, who was given death by the U.S state of Colorado in the year 1997. He was the first person to be sentenced death in Colorado after the 1960s. Davis was born in Wichita, Kansas in the year 1944 on 13 August. He was raised up by his mother, and after some years he claimed to have been sexually abused by his old step brothers. He left school after ninth grade, he then decided to join the the United States Marine Corps in 1961.      He hot married to Tonya Ann Tatem, who gave birth to two sons but some years after the marriage, the couple decided to part away. Davis did a number  of jobs before, and he again got married at the age of thirteen and his second wife's name was Leona Coates in the year 1974 and she was only 17 years They had four children. Davis and Fincham kidnapped their neighbor, whose name was Virginia May, on July 21, 1986, in front of her children from her house and took her to a deserted place where he raped her and shot her 14 times with a rifle. He demanded for a vinalla and chocolate ice cream before his death and he also requested for a cigarette, but was refused

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