Where Was Bruce Lee Born?


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Bruce Lee was born Lee Jun Fan in San Fransisco on 27 November 1940. His family were from Hong Kong; they returned there the following year, and Lee grew up there. As a teenager he did some early film work, but actually took up martial arts (kung-fu) to help defend himself in gang fights.

In 1959 his parents sent him to live with friends in the US. He studied philosophy at Washington University and began to teach martial arts. He later founded a school, together with his wife whom he married in 1964.

Lee appeared in several films and in the later 1960s began to make his own. In 1973 he achieved international fame with Enter the Dragon - but tragically, he died in mysterious circumstances on 20 July 1973, shortly before the film was released.

There is an online Bruce Lee Biography if you would like further details.

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