Where Was Harry Houdini Born?


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New york city you guys, a book called spellbinder!
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Harry Houdini was born on the 24th of March in the year 1874 (birth date not certain) in the capital city of Budapest in Hungary. He was born into a Jewish family and his birth name was Ehrich Weiss, which was modified to Weisz when he came to America. However, from the 1900s onwards, Houdini mentioned in interviews that he took birth in Appleton in Wisconsin. He was a Hungarian American magician, as well as an escapologist, a stunt performer and spiritual investigation and flying were one of his many talents.

After moving to Appleton with his family, Houdini later moved to New York City with his father. As a kid he took up many odd jobs, some of them including being an assistant to a locksmith, as well as excelling as a cross country athlete. He performed his debut act at the age of ten, as a trapeze artist.

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