Where Was Nasser Hussain Born?


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Nasser Hussain was born on the 28th of March in the year 1968; he was born in the city of Madras, now known as Chennai. Nasser was the son of an Indian father and an English mother. His fathers name was Jawad (now he is known as "Joe) and his mothers name was Patricia who later changed her name to Shireen after getting married to a Muslim and converting to Islam.

Nasser Hussain became the first person in the history of English cricket; he was the first captain of England who came from a mixed ethnicity. Nasser Hussain was known for his flair and style as a batsmen and he was also known for his outstanding fielding. However on the funny side he was also very famous and well known for injuring his fingers and always loosing the toss. He was the captain of the English side for 45 test matches from the year 1999 to the year 2003.

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