How Many Records Did The Bay City Rollers Sell?


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According to BBC sources the Bay City Rollers sold 70 million records. However, this figure has been widely disputed by several sources, most notably, and not surprisingly by their former record company.    There are also claims that the group could have sold anything from 100-300 million records, generating close to five thousand million pounds in revenue. Whatever the real figures were the band members themselves earned very little of it. There have been allegations that they were defrauded by their management and the record label.    The group had a number of hits in the 70s. They got their first hit in September 1971 doing a cover of the Gentrys' "Keep on Dancing," which reached number nine in the U.K. Their next top ten hit was in 1974, and was a cover of the Shangri-Las track 'Remember'. Over the next 2 and a half years they had a number of hits, but began their decline towards the end of the 70s. 

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