Has There Ever Been Any Controversial Episodes Of Family Guy?


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Yes, there are some episodes of Family Guy which have sparked controversy and criticism. Some episodes contained jokes about sensitive issues and one episode, which contained a joke about AIDS, caused controversy.

Several Family Guy episodes have been edited because of controversial issues, including one which contained a referenced to crucifixion, and many controversial episodes where broadcast after 9pm.

The show has also been criticised by the magazine 'Entertainment Weekly'. A couple of episodes have contained scenes which make fun of the magazine, such as the character Peter using Entertainment Weekly as toilet paper, and another episode where the character Stewie attacks an Entertainment Weekly reporter.

Family Guy has also caused controversy for being aired on some channels far too early and has been voted as one of the 'worst prime-time shows for family viewing'.

Family Guy is also disliked by the creators of South Park, which contained fake clips of Family Guy to show that it has no plot and jokes which aren't related to the actual episodes.

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