Why Is Peekays Boxing So Significant In The Movie Power Of One?


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The Power of One is an amazing film. Peekay's boxing is a very significant factor in the move The Power of One for a number of reasons,  I will try to lay these out below.  

Peekay's boxing helps him to make the transition from boyhood to adolescence and through to manhood.  This emphasises the growth of his physical strength which matches the idea of his maturation to manhood.

It is also possible to consider the title reflects the solo boxer in the ring, the strength of one against one.

Furthermore, it shows the power, the affect that one person can have, in this film which is about showing strength in solidarity, have the power to change issues as big as racism.

Might I direct you to this website, for some established thought on the entire film and particularly the area of boxing:
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It also represents human survival and how the native South Africans are almost 'boxing' with the whites as they use civil disobedience to show their opposition to the apartheid.

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