How To Watch Movies Online Without Buffering?


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If you have a look at this site you will be able to find loads of movies that you can watch, not just for free, but also legally, without any buffering:

You will be able to find movies in 18 different genres on this site, so you can be sure that you will find something that you like. You can browse them and then watch the one that you have chosen immediately, without any buffering. If you want to, you can also write reviews and become involved with the online community, which is a good way of chatting to other movie buffs. Another advantage of this site is that if you install HD player, you will also be able to watch your movies in HD.

If you want to download movies from another source and you want to overcome the buffering problem then try waiting for the video to load completely before you start to watch it. This is because buffering is caused by the video playing faster than it is loading. An alternative is to save the movie to your computer and then to watch it.

If you don't want to download movies, but just want to watch them without buffering, then you will need to check out your Internet connection speed. It is hard to be precise as to what speed you will need because different videos have different needs. Flash movies like the ones that you will find on YouTube need the least speed, while DivX movies, which can be found on Veoh, need a much faster speed. The rule of thumb is that the better the quality, the higher the resolution, and the larger the file the higher the connection speed. To be on the safe side, you will need a minimum of 1000kbps speed.
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To watch movies online without buffering you need to have streaming movies account. For watch movies online through this latest internet technology our hardware do not require to buffer video data anymore.
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How to watch online movies without buffering?
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You can use video accelerators for fast download and play
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Hey guy you got a good question. First of you can not watch movies online without buffering. Now coming to the solution of your problem. What you can do is click the play button of the video and stop it from playing and let the movie completes its buffering. When movie buffering completes then you should play and watch your favorite movies online. Why not give it a try. Go to try to watch movies online like I said.
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Your video player needs to buffer video while playing movies online otherwise you need to download movies and play them after it. You can watch movies from
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Pause the movies a second after it starts running and wait for the buffer to load a large enough chunk of the film for you to be able to sit and enjoy it while the movie plays without disruptions.

  Enjoy! ;)
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They have to buffer the information ahead of you seeing it or you would only get a frame or two at a time.  The only way round it, is to download the movie with realplayer running in background. Then play it from there.
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You are going to have that problem with sites that don't have  enough bandwidth or you have a weak internet service connection. A trick to use when constant buffering slows you down is to first start the movie, then press pause, then go do somthing elso for about 15  minutes or so, go back to the movie site and start watching. It takes a little  time but when you let the entire movie load or half of it load, there should'nt  be any interruptions (or at least that's been my experience so far).

And by the way, try only watching movies in the Dvix format, the picture and sound quality are ten times better than regular flash.
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This wont help very much but a bit: Open the windows task manager (ALT+CTRL+DEL) - Show - update-something - high and it will go faster a bit.
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Freemovies is one of the brand new free streaming movies websites where you can sit back and watch free movies. You can watch and download new and old movies in HD print without buffering such as Batman vs Superman is the latest new Hollywood movie watch on Free movies. I hope it makes it easier for you to find a free movie that you'll enjoy.

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So lets be clear about "Buffering". It can be happening at the beginning, or it can happen several times during the movie. The difference? Well there are a couple of things "At Play" here . . . One is whether the site or the application providing the video content was coded correctly. If not, you can have several places throughout the movie that pause to cache more content. Caching the content is key to watching what CAN look like seamless video. If it is a good site or Application, it can automatically cache up front and bases the amount needed upfront on your current download speed. Once this calculation is done, it waits to cache the amount of content that can play, while downloading the rest in the background during the viewing of the movie . . . In  a perfect world we all have our own direct line and do not share the internet with our neighbors . . . Most of us can't afford the extra cost of a dedicated line so we DO share, and all it takes is a couple of them hopping on the PC to download something to mess up the original calculation for caching video content thus creating a scenario where you may have to buffer again. The best thing to do, is cache ALL up front. Start the movie, then pause it and get your drinks and snacks ready. When you come back it should be either 80% cached or 100%. I use Popcorn Time for my movies, and this works well.

So to sum up:

1.) Good reliable Application or website coded well for caching.

2.) Understand that calculations for caching are done at the beginning and could get better or worse depending on if you do not have a dedicated line and others start downloading as well.

3.) Try caching all up front as general practice. If I ask my wife if she wants to watch a movie, I usually start the caching 20 to 30 minutes prior to when we actually are going to sit and watch. This can be a time to get snacks ready, or whatever.

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There are too many websites for the movies present on the internet. Some of them are provided with some lengthy procedures and some of them not so on the point. Also not provide what you actually want. I found the best place to for it try it once.

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