How Do We Watch Songs/ Movies Without Buffering?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

Is the buffering problem on your mobile phone/tablet? If it is android there is a website called App Crawlr that lists a number of apps that will help with the problem. If the problem is with an apple device, I would say that in general, if one of the aps on the website appeals to you, a simple search in the app store will probably find it there too.

If the problem is on your pc, try CCleaner to clear the cookies and cache from your computer.  Then use Antimalware using the quick scan option. You might also want to check the there is nothing wrong with Flash Player, Adobe has a trouble shooting section if you feel that could be a problem.

Lastly, you could try downloading the songs and movies first and watching them afterwards. It might take a little longer but at least your viewing won't be interrupted by buffering (which I realise is very annoying) and you can delete them afterwards to free up space.

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