Why Do We Watch Films?


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Films are easily one of the most important forms of entertainment. It is accessible, universal and appeals to people of all ages. Whatever mood you are in you are sure to find something which appeals to you. Whether you are at home or out in the cinema you can sit back and lose yourself in a good film for a few hours.

So why do we watch them?;
- escapism. We like to take the opportunity to forget our problems and our lives for the moment and lose ourselves in something else.
- Relaxation
- Excitement.
- To be frightened.
- To cry
- To make ourselves laugh
- To gush over romance
- To dream
- To inspire us

Really, I don't think there is a definitive reason. We watch them mainly, because we like to be entertained. And that's the primary reason. The wonderful thing about it is everything else we get from it is just a bonus.
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I watch films purely for entertainment. Especially ones that have been made into a movie from a book I've read. Movies are for entertainment and relaxation.

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