Do you watch Bollywood film ?if yes which film


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Ray Dart answered

Staying in India, if you can't get the world service or CNN on your room TV you watch the Bollywood repeats.

Dubbed singing, incessant dancing, the most colourful costumes imaginable. Totally impossible to understand** (unless you are a native Hindi speaker).

** I'm told that they all have the same plot:

Boy meets Girl

Boy loses Girl

Boy finds Girl (possibly the same one, but often a better one).

Relatives/friends may interfere with the course of true love.

You can swap the sexes as well, the plot's still the same.

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Cindy Lou answered

No, I haven't watched an "official" Bollywood movie, but I do have the soundtrack from Slumdog Millionaire.

It's not a Bollywood movie, but they had a dance scene at the ending credits which kind of gave me an idea of the dancing-I also have watched a few Bollywood YouTube videos with the music and dancing, but no movies.

Here's the video but they are not wearing the brightly colored clothing.

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