How Did Layne Staley Die?


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Layne Staley was the lead singer and songwriter of the popular rock band Alice in Chains; he was also part of super groups like Mad Season and Class of 99 which featured top musicians from important rock bands.

Staley in his teen age days experimented with drugs and later had to battle with addiction problem. Some of the lyrics that he wrote for Alice in Chains reflect his thoughts on his grim struggle with drug addiction. Staley's condition deteriorated in later years and he entered a rehabilitation clinic. He had to cut down on his commitments to the band though he was involved in projects like Above (Mad Season) and The Faculty Soundtrack (Class of 99).

Following long term rehabilitation Staley died of a drug overdose in April 2002. Fellow band member Jerry Cantrell released a solo album Degradation Trip in memory of Staley in June 2002. The Layne Staley Fund was formed in 2003 by Staley's mother Nancy McCallum and Jamie Richards, a counselor which aimed to help people with drug addiction. Staley along with legendary singer Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame is credited with being the pioneer of the grunge music scene in the US.
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Layne died of a drug overdose at his home in was a speed ball I mix of heroin and cocaine...he lay dead on his couch for 14 days before a concerned member of his family called the police saying they had not herd from him in a while so they found him their.....long live the legend...he is missed every day

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