How Does TV Tower Work?


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There are two types of TV networks. One work with the analogue transmission and the other are designed for the digital reception. In analogue TV networks, the tower is used for the transmission purposes. A signal is generated on the TV station. Now this signal is sent in air with the help of antenna or satellite dish. The signal becomes weaker and weaker as it moves farther. You can understand it as when the signal is sent by the TV station, its power is in Mega volts and at the receiving end and the power which we get is usually of the order of milli volts or micro volts.

So if we require sending the TV signal to far points, we need to have TV towers in the path which catches the signal, amplifies it and then resend the signal so that reception is possible in the far areas from the TV station. In digital transmission the purpose of the TV tower is somewhat similar too but the amplification there done is have a different method and only requires maintaining the level of the digital signal.

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