How To Send A Digital Cable Tv Signal To Laptop?


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Hi. You will need what is called on average a TV Tuner Card that usually costs approximately $65.00 dollars USD at stores like Best Buy.. However these tuner cards are bare open looking GREEN style circuit boards that are made to plug into STANDARD DESKTOP Personal Computer TOWER STATIONS and not standardized for notebook / laptop computers s you will have to do your homework and work with customer service employees everywhere you go to find a TV Tuner card that will be able to plug into a laptop computer via the CARD SLOT if possible.. I doubt it can be done any other way like via USB input which most anything nowadays can be connected to the laptop but to the best of my knowledge the TV Tuner Card is a major addition to the computer therefore beyond a USB connection.. It may also be beyond a card slot input on the side of the laptop.. May need a regular desktop PC Tower Station to install a Tuner Card at present date for most run of the mill TV Tuner Cards or will be a hard find to pull it off so to speak.. Or very costly for the unique application to notebook computers.. For some reason this is a rare option for laptops! I know this should be commonplace by now.. Whatever.. There are a lot of things that should be and yet to be.. FULL STREAMING VIDEO in real time is still filled with constant glitches on average that prevent professional quality real time viewing ON AVERAGE and we are already 10 years into the new millenium.. Go figure..
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Serial cable connection between a TV and a laptop lets you output computer video content to the larger television screen. First you need to switch video output from the laptop screen to the TV by changing the signal. Most laptops use a hot-key combination to make the change.

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