How Did Karen Christy Start In Modelling?


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Karen Christy attended North Texas University for a year, after which she dropped out and moved to Dallas. It was in Dallas that she went to a job fair for prospective Playboy Bunnies, and was landed a job working at Chicago's Playboy Club. She was selected to be a Playmate, soon after.

Karen Christy was born in Abilene, Texas on 11th March, 1951, and is an American model. She was the Playmate of the Month in Playboy's December 1971 issue. Pompeo Posar was the photographer for her centerfold.

She is one of Hugh Hefner's most notorious Playmate-lovers. She became the "first lady", to some extent, of the Chicago Playboy Mansion, around the time that Hefner was in a relationship with Barbi Benton, that appeared to be serious. Hefner was eventually found out, and both relationships ended abruptly in 1976.

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