What did Christy Mack offer in exchange for lego?


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Yes I saw this Christy Mack's 'Lego competition' in the newspaper the other week and the headline was rather shocking.

I mean I've heard of crude self advertisement, but is this really what the world and the internet has come to where a sex worker offers sexual favors in return for children's toys?

And so I followed the story on Twitter social media, and in the end there was no winner to the Christy Mack competition:

Although the perverts of the entire internet rejoiced and sent in photos of their Lego creations

In the end the sexual deviants were to be disappointed as lawyers for Lego intervened and said they didn't want their brand involved in something as sordid as this.

So in the end the only winner was Christy Mack, who managed to make front page news (not that hard these days) for being crass on the internet.

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