Where Can I Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender Episodes Online Without Taking One Of Those Quizzes Where You Have To Give Your Cell Phone Number?


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You have good taste! The movie is good, but unfortunately there are no places I know of that don't ask for one of those quizzes. You can always torrent but as some people already stated, that might be very bad quality. Sorry, that's my best answer. T.T
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I watch it on http://www.animeultima.tv/. You get one or at most two ads before the video starts, but no quizzes or any of that. I've watched all three seasons of Avatar the Last Airbender and the first season of the sequel, The Legend of Korra, on that. You can also watch other animes/cartoons on that too. It's a wonderful site.

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I  Wanted To Watch Alice In Wonderland  A Lot But It Kept Selling Out So I Tried  To Rent It But It Was Always Rented Already  So I Waited Till It  Came Out On DVD And Bought  Me A Copy  I Can Watch It All I  Want Now  No More Waiting In Line  Or Waiting To Rent It.. Is AVATAR Out ON DVD Yet?? I Went To 4  Or 5 Online Sites To Try And Find Cheapest Copy. I Saved 7 Bucks By Going To Shopzilla And Getting It From Amazon.com.. Is The Online Quality Good? I'd Be Unsure If It's Legal  I Want My Own Copy.  No Waiting For It To Download. I Don't Really Understand All That Copyright Stuff So I Just Play It Safe And Buy A DVD.. And I Don't Want To Pay To See It Once And Bring It Back..
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G'day Brav0zulu,

Thank you for your question.

You could try  a search for The Last Airbender torrents, However, this is illegal and the copy may be of poor quality. You would be better off seeing it legally either at a movie theatre or hiring a DVD when it comes out.

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Brav0zulu, the only LEGAL way is to either buy it or to rent it when it comes out. Online is illegal & is of poor quality & once it starts, you can't stop the show. It's like in the theatre. It keeps going until it's over.
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All of the website I no as quiz and stuff so wht I can tell you is just to rent it
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I'll support the wise men..buy yourself a copy and you know what stay away fo the sites that solicit a lot of personal information..your identity might get stolen,
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Sometimes a popup comes up, but it's easy just to delete it and delete the tab that usually comes with it, and then you're set.  It's where I watch Avatar ^.^

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