How Did Maurice Ravel Die?


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Maurice Ravel better known as Joseph-Maurice Ravel was born in March 7, 1875 in Ciboure, France. He was a very well known French 20th century composer and pianist. His works that have become staples of collection are piano, chamber-music and orchestral. Maurice Ravel passed away on December 28, 1937 in Paris. His health began to give way somewhere around in 1932, when he was working with an automobile accident. Then in his later years his health dropped heavily.

Later, in 1937 he underwent a neuro- operation, which unfortunately was unsuccessful and he passed away soon afterwards. He now lies asleep in the graves of Levallois Perret (North-West part of Paris, France).
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Joseph Maurice Ravel born on March 7th, 1875 and expired on December 28th, 1937 after a neuro-operation which was carried out to restore his health, but the operation failed resulting in his eventual death.

Maurice was a well known 20th century composer as well as pianist. Ravel's piano compilations like Miroirs and Gaspard de la Nuit, are virtuoso pieces. To the common people, Ravel is most likely best known for his orchestral compilations. On the basis of Sacem, it is said that Ravel's estate makes the most royalties in comparison to any other French musician.

Ravel measured himself in a number of ways a perfectionist. He relied heavily on customary forms and structures as different ways of offering his new and inventive harmonies. Some of his well known compilations are Menuet Antique, Jeux d'eau, Sonatine, Miroirs, etc.

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