How Do You Tune A Baritone Horn?


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Hahahaha on flute, you have to tune on a c because, as my band director would say... "Eet's and eecky note" haha but I switched over to baritone, and it's SO much easier! You just tune to a B flat with the rest of the band!
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I can tell you a little about tuning a double horn. Most people make the mistake of tuning their F side lower then their B-Flat side. This is not right as this will cause the high range to be sharp. First, you should match the tuning of the B-Flat side and the F side. You can do this by simply matching the C on both sides. Start with the B-flat and tune it using the main slide and the match the F horn tune to the same as the B-flat. You should check and make sure that the intonation between the B-flat horn and the F horn is balanced.

Now, you should begin adjusting the valve sides. Make sure that you adjust both the valve sides, adjust the first valve on both the sides so that it lowers the open notes just one step at a time. Adjust the second valve right next so that lower opens only half a step.

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