What's Your Favorite Toy?


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My favorite if you call a bike a toy was a three speed schwinn stingray with a metallic purple paint job and a chrome generator headlight on the front/black bananna seat high rise handle bar,scrub brakes, knobby tire on the back and slick tire on the front.
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Anonymous commented
Yeah, sounds like a boss ride!
John commented
talk about going back to the future. i won a fifty dollar prize off a radio station and bought the bike for 35 then i went down to the corner drugstore when there was one, bought a cherry icee /reese's peanut butter cups and a fantastic four comic book. hows that for nostalgia?
otis campbell
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I had one when i was a kid it was great
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Pamela Krueger answered
When I was a child, my favorite toy was my special doll and also my paper dolls.  Now that I am an adult, I have to say my favorite would be my computer or my MP3.  They both drive me nuts at times when I can't get them to work but I still enjoy them.
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Pamela Krueger
Pamela Krueger commented
Your little red yoyo?
John commented
this brings to mind the telling of the tale from the mel gibson /thunderdome movie. i member yoyo's regular ones ,butterfly,light up ones and glow in the dark ones. member them?
Janet commented
Oh I remember paper dolls, they were fun :) These kids today wouldn't even know what some of these toys were. That's kind of sad.
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It would have to be the little white kitty in a flowered dress that my beloved grandmother gave me when I was quite young. 
I also loved playing nurse!  After setting up my "hospital" I would gather whatever toys, people and pets (bless all their souls for tolerating me!) I could find, get pillows to prop up my "patients", cover and tuck them in with warm blankets and then I did what nurses did in those days -- get the patients whatever they asked for -- water, magazines, more pillows, more blankets, Jello or ICE CREAM! 
Those were fantastic days that have left me with very fond memories.
Thank you all for allowing me to share this with you today.
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Robyn Rothman
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Make me feel young again. Thanks for sharing.
Jo W.
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Thanks very much Nascarnut, I'll keep that in mind. Have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL day, luv.
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Kitty Kaat answered
Used to be barbie dolls and the billions of dresses and accessories I had for her. Then my favorite "toy" became my horses and racing them! Now my favorite toy is my dish satellite with dvr, I record little bits of interesting things and share them with my family later.
One must be careful & think of all possible answers one may obtain from such a question so I offer you my "G" rated answer...My NASCAR collection:  I have every DVD of the Daytona 500, autographs from Allison, Foyt, Hendrick, Francis(RIP), R. Petty to of course, J. Gordon.  And the 1st pit pass ever made and an old ticket stub to Daytona for .25 cents...We've come a long way baby...I pay $1500.00/yr to have a place to put my buttocks!  Right on the black & white line!  Worth every penny...but I would rather pay a quarter!  ☻☺  Did I mention the complete original hood from #24 from Talladega '02?  Lotsa Luv 2 you Robbie♥
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Janet answered
Its funny how you can remember when you were 2 to 3 yrs of age.
 One of my favorite toys was when I was about 2 1/2 was I had play rakes and shovels and I would follow my Dad everywhere and what he did in the back yard every Sat. I did the same thing, I srill to this day remember it. I was a Daddys girl.  Ok I am tearing up now so I will say bye and this was a GREAT question.
Sincerely Janet
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Robyn Rothman answered
My turn.  When I was two years old, my parents bought me electric trains.  It backfired on my father, because I loved 'em.  We had them set up in the basement until I left for college.  Now I'm happy with my yo-yo and a slinky!
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Nancy Araujo
Nancy Araujo commented
We had a real nice train set too, Dad put it on a huge piece of plywood and secured all the scenery, trees, bridge, tunnel, you know the buildings, etc....We'd just slide it under the bed when not playing with it. Anyway it had "smoke" that came from the stack and it lit up! So you could say it had all the bells and whistles and I bet it was lots of fun to play with....we couldn't get Dad to give up the controls and let us take our turn most of the time!! He was the "engineer" I guess. Fun memories from a time long gone by. Thanks so much for asking the question! (oh, I would have liked the yo-yo except I could never get it to roll back up let alone do tricks, and we had a couple of slinkys too but darn, no stairs to make it go down, never failed that my little brother got his hands on them and tangled or stretched them out so they didn't work hand to hand anymore either. But I still remember loving the sound they made when we played with them)
Robyn Rothman
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We had a train board set up in the basement. My locomotive didn't give off smoke, and I wanted that so badly!") Thanks for the memories.
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My favorite "toy" would have to be my Dragracing truck. Nothing Id rather be doing!!
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Nancy Araujo answered
Hands down it would be my Easy Bake Oven.  An amazing invention that bakes using a 100 watt light bulb.  I begged for one from age 5 and finally got one from Santa when I was 8. It was like a dream come true and I had the best Christmas ever.  I baked so many little cakes that day, by the time I went to bed that night every surface in the kitchen and laundry room had cakes on it.  My brothers loved them and the feeling I got from that is what inspired my life long passion for baking and cooking. 
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Robyn Rothman
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That's terrific!
Janet commented
Thanks LB :) that was one of my favorite ones. I loved it. Now I will have to go back in time when I was younger, But it easy for me. :)
Nancy Araujo
Nancy Araujo commented
Once I proved to my mom that I could be careful and cleaned up after, she started letting me bake in the kitchen on my own. Soon I was cooking too and quickly started cooking full meals for my family. It felt good to have dinner ready and waiting to be served when my parents got home from work. I loved and still love baking and cooking. I stopped using the EB Oven, so I gave it to the little girl who lived across the street when lost all her toys from a fire in their attic. That and my "Susie Smart" doll. She had her own little desk and she talked, she could spell CAT and DOG and did math too! This question is sure taking me back to lots of my most happy memories! Hugs to you my buddy!
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Mouse or Nette answered
Movies and a large flat screen & DVD's , books and beaded bookmarkers, Hoes & shovels and rakes for gardening, these are a few of my favorite things.   As a kid nothing was  better than bubbles a sunny day and a bubble wand so you could spin around and make magic....
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Glen Thornbury answered
I was raised in the woods, and there was rare playmates. So a small rope for rope tricks and a fishing rod, were my best friends!
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Robyn Rothman
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Whatever made your day was a good thing.
Glen Thornbury
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You're from the City so you have no Ideal Roping and rope tricks are an ART, and almost know one can do them! In my Video notice how I do the Flat Spin with a cheap limber hardware wore out rope! Also I was talking to the Crowd with out looking at the rope, and never messed up! I left my toys, and played with my first rope at 6 years old on Christmas! That's why I'm so good! A dog, a horse, and A ROPE!
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ya boi answered
Does my ps3 count?
As a kid, I loved these toy cars called penny racers. I would put a penny in a slot on the back of them and these little cars would do wheelies and spins.
DARREN <B>~2Cool2BBad~</B> Profile
My favorite  toy  growing up  when  I was a  little baby  was  my  "Lucy Doll" Yeah  maybe that is  why   I  am  a  big  sissy  now days  But  I am  straight
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Morgan Chen answered
I've got this really cute bear and it's pretty big, even though I hug it to bed every night. It was a birthday present from a friend and I called it Sunflower.....I also put a skirt that was too small for me on the bear(but on the bear, my skirt looked more like a dress!). Sunflower has been my fav plush toy ever since
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Not Tellin answered
The Slinkie hands down is my favorite toy!! The metal ones though, the plastic ones get to tangled up. Second would be my Squirmly(those cute fuzzy worms, that are sold at Christmas time in the mall) that my sister got me, and I still haven't mastered it! And third would have to be my old Tamagotchi I had when I was 12.
...And of course my Blackberry!! LOL!!!
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Nice Girl answered

My favorite toys are Barbie dolls! Though I'm 14, I'm still into them, and I feel no shame in going to the shop and buying some Barbie dolls! But my mom keeps on saying that I'm too old for them and hasn't let me buy any for years but hopefully I'm going to buy one soon! I never get bored of playing with Barbie dolls! I love collecting them!

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Courteny Joseph , works at Daried Technologies., answered
In my childhood, my favorite toy was a while color airplane which I got on my 7th or perhaps 8th birthday. I use to take it with me everywhere I go. I think I kept it for more than 4 years which is quite long time for any kid.
Now when I got the chance to develop the explorer kit I swam back in the memories of my childhood and again there was a toy of which I became a fan.

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Kayty Lynch answered
THE SIT-N-SPIN! :-) That was my all time favorite toy as a kid, and today it still it. Haha
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Oakley Canning answered
My favourite toy is my skateboard, snowboard or surfboard :D
can I have three?
Fine... I pick my skateboard :)
Elizabeth Lorenzo Profile
Well, I have (yes, I still have it) a doll that I "modified" to look like Chucky 'cause I loved him when I was a kid (still do) and I always played with it. So I guess my made-up Chucky doll is my favorite toy. :D
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Janell Lynn
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Was it the Buddy Doll before you modified it? My boyfriend had a Buddy doll and he used to pee on it. Lol
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saba yousuf answered
My fav toy was dolls, was because now I am big enough that don't play with them.. But I also like cricket.

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