what's your favourite toy?


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Since I am young at heart. :) My favorite toy is my leopard print stuffed tiger. It is soooo cute, for it goes well with the leopard print interior seat covers in my truck. How cool is that!!

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My car.

Zack -  Mr. GenXer Profile

My release papers from the mental hospitals.

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Anthony Marx answered

I'm showing my age here, but let's go back to the 1960's!!!! A toy called JOHNNY ASTRO. Fantastic toy. A fan blew a balloon unto a Moon crater guided hopefully by me!!

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Megan goodgirl answered

well I use to have a doodle bear, it wasn't my fave but I liked it . I wish I still had it or if they still make them I could get one.

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Hi, we know a teacher advised us to buy a child toys fidzhera. We went to regular stores, and we can't find them anywhere. Can you advise us on the best way to buy them?

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Kathleen Griffin
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