What Happens In The Film 28 Days Later?


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28 Days Later is an entertaining horror film that was released in 2002. The film is set in London and is about a group of survivors who have to deal with the aftermath of the destruction of London after its population becomes infected with a deadly virus.

The protagonist of the film is Jim, who awakens twenty eight days after a group of activists are infected by a chimpanzee that was being experimented on. Jim discovers that the entire city is deserted and wanders around hoping to catch a glimpse of someone. He encounters two other people who have survived the outbreak, Selena and Mark. They inform him about the virus and reveal that it has spread to most of the city's population and possibly even beyond.

Jim is distraught when he discovers that his parents committed suicide as a result of the outbreak. Later the three survivors are attacked by two people who are infected. The attack leaves Mark infected and Selena kills him. She explains to Jim that the virus can spread in a matter of seconds, which is why she had no choice but to kill Mark. She then tells Jim that she will do the same to him if he becomes infected.

Later, Selena and Jim meet two other survivors, Frank and his daughter Hannah. They have been hiding in an abandoned building and decide to team up with Selena and Jim, though Selena is sceptical about them travelling with her and Jim as she believes they will prolong the escape. She agrees though, and the four survivors begin to travel together. Frank later plays a recorded message to the others, which reveals that there may be a cure for the infection. The four survivors decide to search for the area where the cure might be and begin to actually enjoy their time together as they get to know each other better.

Things take a turn for the worst though, when the group reaches the area that they have been searching for. Frank, distracted by a bird, looks up and as a result ends up with blood in his eye from a corpse that is positioned above him. Knowing that he is now infected, Franks bids his daughter and the others goodbye and is shot by the group of soldiers that previously left the recorded message about the cure.

Thinking that they are being helped, Jim, Selena and Hannah make their way inside a mansion, where they meet Major West. Soon, Jim and Selena, who become more attracted to each other as the film progresses, discover that the soldiers are not aiming to help them but instead starving those who are infected whilst using Hannah and Selena to help the community by sleeping with them. Hannah, who is already distressed by her father's death, is comforted by Selena, who tries to fight off the men when they make it clear what they intend to use the two females for. Jim is also imprisoned after trying to escape with Selena and Hannah.

The following day, as Selena and Hannah try to fight off the men, Jim escapes and sets an infected soldier free, hoping that it will distract the other men. The infected soldier attacks several other soldiers, infecting them. Jim then later saves Selena from an infected soldier but she does not know whether or not Jim has been infected. She raises a knife to kill him but hesitates, which indicates that she does not wish to carry out the task that she earlier said she would do. Her hesitation shows that Jim is not infected and the two share a kiss.

Selena, Hannah and Jim escape the mansion and there is a final showdown with Major West, which ends with West being captured by the infected soldier that Jim released. The story then moves on another twenty eight days. Jim has recovered from his wounds and the film ends with Jim, Selena and Hannah trying to signal to a military jet.

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