Who Owns Jackson Guitars?


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Jackson Guitars is currently owned by Fender Guitars. Jackson was originally owned by Grover Jackson. Grover Jackson was actually the partner of the Wayne Charvel Guitar Repair. The story behind the founding of Jackson is very famous. As it goes a young guitar player by the name of Randy Rhoads once stepped into the Charvel shop with a design of his own. The design of the guitar inspired Grover Jackson to start a guitar building firm. The very first Jackson guitar ever made was the Randy Rhoads V shaped guitar.

Prior to the deal of Fender Jackson guitars had many big names as its Endorsers. The most famous being Randy Rhoads who was very closely followed by the front man and guitar player of one of the most famous thrash metal band 'Megadeth'. Dave Mustaine (the then brand ambassador of Jackson) like Rhoads designed and made popular the very famous Jackson King V series. Before the Fender deal Dave Mustaine had also put up his offer to but out Jackson, however it did not happen. In the process of being sold out to fender Jackson lost many of its big names which also included Dave Mustaine.

The current brand ambassador for Jackson Guitars is the Very famous porn star Jenna Jameson.
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Jackson guitars were owned by Grover Jackson, but presently it is owned by the famous musical company FENDER...

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