Disadvantages Of Shopping At Supermarket?


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• Advice or assistance is difficult to obtain.

• More goods are bought than intended and thus buyers spend a lot of money

• Delays at check-out points.
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The supermarkets run at large, spacious halls or building
rooms to exhibit the products to the consumers and make them to purchase. So,
Consumers need to walk in total supermarket to get their required one with pulling
the weight of the products in the shopping cart. 

In my view this is the most painful and unbearable experience at supermarkets.

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They are geared to sell things by who gives the biggest profit to the store. The items that have the biggest markups are put at eye level so you don't have to hunt for them. The items that have the biggest markup most often aren't the healthiest if items, either. They tend to have lots of preservatives  so they have a longer shelf life.

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Sometimes these stores are so large that if you forget something in aisle 2 and you don't rem ember until aisle 10 that's quite a push back with a full cart. Long lines are a problem if standing is an issue for you.

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