What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Getting My Supermarket Shopping Delivered?


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It can be enormously convenient. It's a time-consuming task to initially login and type of your usual weekly shopping list. But with most of the supermarkets, the list will get remembered each time you login, so you can just amend for each shop. You choose a time window for the delivery (ties you down, but not too much) and just wait for it to come. Many people swear that online food shopping saves them money, as they don't indulge in impulse purposes.

But you do have to pay a delivery charge (typically £4 or so, though sometimes you can get it for free). And £4 might be less than your travel costs to physically go to the supermarket, anyway.

You can't reuse carrier bags, and the delivery service will bring a lot more bags than is really necessary. However, at least one supermarket (Tesco) lets you hand the bags back to the driver for recycling. And both Tesco and Sainsbury now offer biodegradable carrier bags.

The shopping may not be quite right. Either missing something you really need or substituted by a second best item. You can still run out of perishable items (milk) inbetween deliveries, causing an extra supermarket journey, after all.

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