Who Are The Tallest People In The World?


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The Dutch are the tallest people in the world!
And they are still growing!
According to the latest statistics, the demand for taller and larger sized clothing has increased over the pats seven years, and this phenomenon has completely baffled researchers and others.
An average Dutchman is almost 10 cm taller than the average American or the average British man, and amazingly, he is almost about fifteen cm taller than he was a mere four decades ago, and researchers state that he is expected to grow taller by another ten cm in the next few decades or so.
The reason for this growth is that the average Dutchman has become more affluent today than he ever was, but isn't this true of everyone everywhere, all across the globe?! Perhaps too, his diet, rich in milk and other dairy products has led to this increase in height.
However, almost half the Dutch population is overweight!
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I think the Sudanese peoples of Africa are the tallest people in the world. Check it out on the web.
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It is true. Statistically, the tallest people in the world, as measured by country are the Dutch. The average height for all adults for the Netherlands is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m). This great leap in height is a huge change for Holland, where about 100 years ago, 25% of men who attempted to join the army were rejected as being too short, less than 62 inches (1.57 m) tall.

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